Workers' Compensation

Third Party Administration

Anchor provides third party claims administration (TPA) for workers' compensation. Anchor is an independent TPA responsible for managing workers' compensation claims on behalf of an employer or insurer.

Anchor's responsibilities typically include:

  1. Receiving and processing claims filed by injured employees. This includes verifying the employee's eligibility for workers' compensation benefits and ensuring that the claim is properly documented.
  2. Investigating claims to determine the validity of the claim. This may involve interviewing the employee, reviewing medical records, and consulting with medical professionals.
  3. Determining benefits that the injured employee is entitled to receive. This includes calculating the employee's average weekly wage and determining the appropriate level of disability benefits.
  4. Managing medical care by coordinating medical care for the injured employee. This may involve selecting medical providers, authorizing medical treatments, and monitoring the employee's recovery.
  5. Resolving disputes related to workers' compensation claims. This may involve negotiating settlements, representing the employer or insurer in legal proceedings, and handling appeals.
By outsourcing workers' compensation claims management to a TPA, employers and insurers can benefit from the TPA's expertise, experience, and resources. TPAs can also help to reduce costs and improve efficiency by streamlining the claims process and minimizing the risk of fraudulent claims.