Additional Services

Safety Program and Evaluation

The initial phase of Anchor's loss control service plan will consist of a review of a client's current safety program to evaluate its effectiveness at controlling loss. Our Senior Loss Control Consultants will first analyze loss history to identify trends and types of accidents. They will also evaluate the client's safety and health program in terms of the requirements of the current federal and state regulations (minimum standards). This does not guarantee compliance with these regulations, but the client can show good faith and intentions when the effort is made. Through the analysis of current historical loss information, we will help management establish goals and objectives for their programs and an action plan for follow-through.

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Customized Safety Program

A written safety program is a vital tool in all organizations, regardless of size or operation. After conducting a comprehensive risk assessment for the client, Anchor Risk can assist in the design of a written safety and health program tailored to the client's specific operations and unique situations. They will also help develop a plan for implementing the program activities.

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Safety Audits and Consultation

Anchor Risk encourages employers to conduct their own safety program activities on a regular basis (safety committees, self-inspections, accident investigation, regulatory compliance programs, training, etc.). However, we recommend periodic safety surveys by an independent third party to supplement the daily internal safety activities, especially non-subscribers.

We act as an outside set of eyes to reinforce our clients' internal efforts. Anchor's Senior Loss Control Consultants will document their findings along with any recommendations, suggested corrective measures to management, and provide consultative follow-ups in subsequent safety visits when deficiencies may exist. We can also provide training where assistance is required for the clients to manage their own safety program and regulatory compliance activities.

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Safety Training

The unsafe actions of workers have been determined to be the number one proximate cause of work-related accidents. These unsafe actions are not necessarily related to the worker's indifferent, passive or uncooperative attitude toward safety. Frequently, they can be attributed to several factors related to poor employee selection and job placement, inadequate training or understanding of the job to be performed, ineffective supervision, and poor motivation. Anchor will assist clients in developing a safety training program unique to their operations. We offer train-the-trainer programs for those employers who wish to continue training in-house, as well as assist with in-service training.

Some of the training topics we offer include:

  • Office Ergonomics
  • Proper Lifting Procedures & Techniques
  • Ladder Safety
  • Emergency Action Plans
  • Fire Safety
  • Hazard Communication (general)
  • Forklift Training
  • Heat Stress
  • Universal precautions
  • Supervisor Accident Investigation

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Follow-up Consultations

Upon request of the client company, Anchor will conduct an additional safety survey and follow-up consultation with management. Activities will include, but not necessarily be limited to: 1) Follow-up on status of previously submitted recommendations and additional assistance in their implementation; 2) Review of safety committee minutes to determine effectiveness; 3) Review employee training records to determine if a training schedule has been maintained; 4) Review accident investigation reports and suggest corrective action; 5) Review self-inspections for completeness; and, 6) Attend a safety committee meeting and assist with any additional questions or concerns. A report will be provided to client management outlining the safety accomplishments at their facility, any discrepancies in the safety program, and any additional recommendations necessary.

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