Medical Cost Containment

Over the years, Anchor has saved their non-subscription clients millions of dollars in medical bill reductions. One time audits provided or term agreements/contracts provided separate from general TPA claims administration. There are several benefits to utilizing our Bill Review Services, such as:

  • All completed "In House" at Anchor's Dallas Claims office
  • Anchor uses a professional auditing software. The same software currently being utilized by several large Medical Bill re-pricing companies.
  • Medical bills are audited in accordance with usual, customary and reasonable guidelines, which most often include, but are not limited to, application of the medical fee guidelines published by the DWC and/or 125% Medicare accepted rate
  • Additional audit feature: All bills after initially audited are then processed through a contracted PPO network to find additional savings. On average 2-3% additional savings produced
  • Currently producing a 40%+ savings per average on all medical bills audited/reviewed
  • Ability to negotiate Fee Agreements with Medical Providers
  • All medical bills submitted are audited. If no savings are produced, then no charge
  • Explanation of Review is generated on every medical bill (regardless of savings/reduction)
  • Turnaround time 7-10 business days

Sample Explanation of Benefits (EOB)