Claims Management

We specialize in two different fields of claims management services, Texas NonSubscription and Workers' Compensation.

We are excited about the opportunity to create and grow a relationship with our Clients. We believe we are the best choice for quality, ethical and aggressive management of occupational injury claims.  Below are some of our qualification and services we provide for our Clients.  

  • Can assign a Dedicated Adjusters to Accounts and he/she will act as a first point of contact.
  • Spanish Speaking staff members to eliminate any language barrier and promote proper communication with your injured workers, where necessary.
  • Offers an aggressive claims management staff that ensures initial contact once a new report of injury is received. Three-point contact includes employee-recorded statements, taken by the local adjuster, as well as any additional recorded statements of witnesses or supervisors.
  • Supervisory staff is involved in initial claims review. They will ensure proper contacts; compensability; and adequate reserve authority.
  • Assures that Client specifications are met with regard to required claims handling tasks. Our program is custom tailored for your organization.
  • Our RMIS and CMIS systems are the best in the industry and can be customized to suit your organizational needs.
  • Our fees include claims handling, clerical support, state filings, and contact assistance.  The fees also include on-site claims meetings, with the Dedicated Adjuster. Adjuster attendance at any and all Mediations, Arbitration Hearings, and/or Trials. Attendance proceedings will be billed to claim file for travel expense only. Adjuster time and attendance is included in above price.
  • We offer on-line claims reporting, which requires Internet access only, at no additional charge. Claims can be reported via email (on-line); regular mail; or 24-hour fax. Electronic access to claims system for reporting & review at additional fee.
  • Our own I.T. Group to help with reporting, file data transfers, and technical support.
  • Can tailor make custom loss reports, trend reports, and graphs.  ACM can also provide Client access to run reports at Client locations, for an additional access fee.